By August of 2020, it was clear the Covid-19 pandemic was taking its toll on families all over Pima County; families involved with the Department of Child safety included. The Christ Child Society saw this need and reached out to us here at Aviva with an offer of layettes for babies. With diapers, clothing, blankets, and even toys, each bag was filled with items a baby needs to feel wrapped in love.

As the year progressed, our partnership with Christ Child Society continued to grow. They continued to provide us with their lovely layettes, and later joined us in our efforts to provide the children and families we serve with a happier holiday. This March, they’ve added teen bags to their gifts. Oft forgotten, teens can now receive a handmade bag full of essential items like socks and hygiene items. With so much of what they’ve had being taken away, giving teens something to call their own is so important.

We at Aviva are so grateful for everything Christ Child Society does for us, and look forward to this continued partnership. Together we can help ensure foster children feel they do indeed matter.

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