Arizona gives day has arrived once again, and we are hoping you will join your fellow Arizonans who have pledged their support to Aviva Childrens Services.

Donations are the mainstay of nonprofits, and while we of course hope you will designate your tax dollars to Aviva (learn more here:  Donate | Aviva Children’s Services (, we want to reiterate that no gift is too small. This past December, as our volunteers were unpacking gifts from our donation boxes, tucked within one of those boxes was a coin purse with “Arizona” emblazoned across the front. Inside were 5 nickels and one dime. While this gift may have been small, it brought a great feeling of warmth to the group of people in the room. We were reminded that people want to give and will give what they can, and we want to share that every gift is appreciated. Truly.

$5, $10, even $1000; every gift allows us to make a difference in the life of children and families involved in the foster care system.

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