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Aviva launched its new CORE program earlier this year with a focus on connecting families to the services and resources they need to help the children in their care thrive. Just months old, the CORE program is already proving to be a benefit to the foster care community. Read on to see how YOUR support works to help stabilize the child and family unit.


Behavioral Health…

When an aunt took her niece into her home in January, she did so with no real understanding of how to navigate the foster care system or what services were available to her and the child in her care. With her niece expressing physical and verbal aggression, acting out her trauma, and regressing, Aunt did not know were to turn. Having gone nearly 3 months without services in place, a meeting with the CORE team helped connect Niece to behavior intervention services with Easter Seals Blake Foundation, and helped Aunt receive in-home parent coaching.


Licensing and more…

A grandmother from California with three grandchildren in her care relocated to Arizona with the hope that her son would eventually parent his children again. When that did not work out, Grandmother found herself unlicensed and caring for her grandchildren who were not receiving behavioral health services. After connecting with CORE, Grandmother has begun the licensing process, completed an intake for behavioral health for all three children, was connected to weekly food boxes and a kinship support group in Sahuarita, and received a couch and other items to help their home feel more like a home.


Trauma Informed Care…

When their niece was found living in a car with her father, Aunt and Uncle took her into their home. Aunt and Uncle found their niece struggled with following directions and using the restroom, and exhibited escalating behaviors. With an unknow trauma history, it appeared the play therapy Niece was receiving every other week via Zoom was not sufficient. Since connecting with the CORE program, the family has secured additional behavioral health services. The CORE team joins in on CFT’s to help seek additional services if needed, and is providing Trauma-Informed Care Training in the home to help Aunt and Uncle gain a better understanding of how trauma affects children.


Contact Kelsey Leitel at 520.327.6779 ext 7171 or for more information.

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