Parent Peer Support Program

Parents Helping Parents

Aviva recognizes that, in many situations, peers can be the most effective agents to bring about change and to sustain healthy behavior. The strongest as well as the most fragile families require a vital network of social support. Three years ago, Aviva began its Parental Support Program as a way for families who have been reunified or were in the process of reunification to find the hope and encouragement needed to sustain a healthy family life. The goal has been to reduce the rate of recidivism that occurs during the first 12 months of family reunification. Aviva currently hosts two ongoing pre- and post-reunification family support groups. There is no fee to attend meetings and childcare is provided.

Parent Peer Support Group:

Families meet in a group environment to share their experiences, frustrations, hopes and successes. The support group is run entirely by the participants. It is based on the belief that only someone who has experienced the court process themselves can truly understand and support others who have had the same experience. To date, this program has served 200 unduplicated participants and achieved an impressive success rate—less than 1% of participants have returned to court supervision. It is the only program of its kind in Pima County—perhaps the only one of its kind in Arizona.

Parent Peer Mentoring:

Recently launched, this one-on-one mentoring program is led by parents who have successfully completed their dependency case and have received special training to help others understand the dependency process. Mentors offer their experience, strength and hope to those parents who are involved with CPS. They support parents with encouragement and inspiration to work towards family reunification.

 Drawing done by Alyssa to illustrate what it means to have  her family back. Alyssa and her family participate in the Parent Peer Support Group.


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