Building & Strengthening Family Bonds in Times of Transition

Child custody issues are never easy and parenting time is often a primary concern for individuals going through a difficult divorce or separation. Under contract with Pima County Superior Court, Aviva Children’s Services offers supervised visits and exchange services to assist families during these challenging times. This program allows children to maintain or re-establish a relationship with their non-custodial parent or significant family members pursuant to a court order or family agreement. Our goal is to ensure that parents have an opportunity to maintain contact with their children in a structured environment that is both safe and comfortable for the child. All services are provided at our midtown visit center.

For more information or to schedule an intake contact: (520) 327-6464 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supervised Visits

Aviva provides a safe and relaxed atmosphere for non-custodial parents to visit their children. Trained staff observe the interactions between the child and the parent in an objective and neutral manner. This enables the child and the parent to have an enjoyable and safe visit session in a neutral, stress-free environment.

Supervised Exchanges

Exchanges are scheduled to oversee the transfer of children from one parent to the other parent immediately before and after unsupervised parenting time. Exchanges take place at our midtown visit center.

Supervised Skype Video Calls

Supervised video calls can be scheduled for parents who are unable to attend in-person visits. Video conference calls are conducted at our visit center.