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The Parent Peer Support Program

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The Parent Peer Support Program was an answer to the problem created when the state eliminated funding to support parents who had reunified with their children.  As time went by, it became clear to the program leaders and facilitators that parents who were also on the path to reunification would benefit from having a support group so they were added.  The group is run like an AA meeting where the only folks in the room are those who have had their children removed by CPS.

It has been great to have a group where the parents can share and encourage each other on their journey and be a role model to the new members of the group.  One father commented that he hadn't realized how far he had come until a new father joined the group.

The Sober Alumni Group was started in February, 2012 for those parents who graduated from Family Drug Court and also have had their children returned to them.  They meet once a month to discuss things that are relevant to their staying clean and sober and then they plan an outing with their children.  The second meeting of the month then they go some place fun with their children.  While this may not seem like an especially big deal to some of us, to these parents and children it is a new and exciting adventure.


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