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Aviva Children's Services provides volunteers for Child Protective Services. Whatever your talents, skills or interests may be, there is a place for you in our Volunteer Program.

Mentors work directly with individual children, providing friendship, emotional support and a model for successful living. Tutors work directly with children to help them catch up in reading or math.  Volunteers can listen to 1st and 2nd graders read out loud or practice vocabulary words or help the students with math skills in order to pass the AIMS tests. Life Book Writers create a narrative about a child’s past, which is documented with pictures and memorabilia; the child may or may not be involved in this process. Social Worker Assistants work along side case managers in a CPS office and in the field, assisting to provide a variety of services to children and parents. Clerical Assistants work in the CPS units answering phones, making copies, filing and whatever is needed to assist the case mangers.  Special Projects Volunteers organize or assist with a wide array of activities and events, both large and small.

All volunteers participate in a thorough screening process that includes fingerprinting and the review of a completed application during an interview.  Your time commitment, and the amount of training required to prepare you -- either one or two seven-hour days -- will vary depending on the program you choose.

Please click on Job Descriptions to read more about the specific positions that interest you.  To view the content and dates of our training sessions, please click on Training for the outlines of each session. 
Click here to see training information.

Child History Investigator
With access to case records, Volunteers collect information missing from the child's case file. This information might include details about birth parents and members of the birth parents' family or a health and genetic history of the child. If the information is not located in the case file, the Volunteer contacts family members, foster parents, etc. by phone or mail to request needed information. Daytime availability is required as well as a minimum 4-month commitment. Most volunteers average 3 hours per week. A vehicle is required and mileage is reimbursed.

In-Kind Donations Volunteer
Volunteer duties include sorting incoming donations of primarily children's clothing, toys and baby equipment. Daytime availability is required. Volunteers may be scheduled on an on-call or regular basis.


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