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Donations are the mainstay of nonprofit social service agencies and come in three general forms: time, talent and treasures.  Aviva Children's Services certainly depends on them all to sustain the level of programs and goods requested from DCS case workers.

There are so many ways the community can get involved:

Offer your time: Volunteer to be a mentor to a child, become a community advisor for a teen living independently, research and write a child's Life Book or scrapbook it to make it a cherished keepsake, help out case managers by being a social worker assistant. Organize a group of friends or co-workers for one of Aviva's special projects like the Undies Sundays drive, Back to School  Supply drive or the many Holiday projects such as the Kruzin' for Kidz Parade, sorting toys, wrapping toys or delivering toys.

Share your talent: Create beautiful handmade blankets, quilts, afghans or sew Bags for Kids duffle bags.  Hand tool wooden cars, planes or trains for the boys or dolls and doll beds for the girls.  Scrapbook a life book that someone else has researched.

Give your treasures: Donate used furniture, household goods and gently used clothes and toys. Click here for a complete list of wanted items.  Donate through the United Way from your paycheck.  Donate cash, checks or give through PayPal to the Abused Children's Fund in order to help the children and families with the items they are lacking funds to provide.  Donate to the general fund to help sustain all the programs.  

Aviva is a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization under the  Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Law.  You can now donate to Aviva up to $500 for singles or $1,000 for married couples, and get dollar for dollar tax credit when filing your Arizona Income Taxes. Anyone can now donate, whether you itemize or not!  Your donations may also be used as charitable gifts on your federal tax returns. Consult your tax preparer for more information.

**Donations to any of our programs listed below are eligible for the Arizona Foster Care Charitable Tax Credit.


Agency Needs

Children Needs

Lifebook Project

Parent Peer Support

Bags For Kids

Mentoring Program

Family Services

Holiday Program